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Forage V - Festival of the Honeybee's official exhibition is exhibiting for its fifth year!

Exhibiting artists:
Jessica VanFleteren
Carolyn Catlos
Riva Jewell-Vitale
Leo Willer
Krysti Spence
Katrine Anne
Paloma Nunez- Regueiro

"Much of the natural beauty we see, the delicious, nutritious foods we eat, so many things that add pleasure and joy to our lives can be linked to pollinator service. Insect pollinators--native bees, honey bees, butterflies, are beautiful, fascinating creatures that deserve respect and attention for their role in the web of life that sustains us all.

Yet years after the discovery of Colony Collapse disorder, beekeepers in the United States continue to report high, unsustainable losses. Bees continue to be exploited for their pollination services, trucked from mega-farm to mega-farm, exposed to a toxic blend of chemicals, nutritionally compromised, and suffering from a plague of disease laden parasites. These problems are largely related to our system of conventional large-scale agriculture. Yet this system continues, and is the primary way through which humans interact with bees.

How can we change this dynamic? How can we redefine and re-envision our relationship to bees--these tiny insect creatures whose lives touch ours in significant ways, who provide us food, beauty, natural resources, and much, much more. How can we transform our relationship to them?"

-Jamie Berlin, Chair of FOTHB

For the FIFTH annual Honeybee Art Show, Forage, presented by First Fridays Ypsilanti in partnership with the Festival of the Honey Bee and 22 North Gallery, artists are invited to share their visions, to critique this relationship, and to share new perspectives on honey bees. Artists are invited to examine: What does it mean to be dependent on an insect? What does it mean to exploit the provider of your food? What does it mean to honor these animals? Artists are invited to explore any aspect of bees from the human relationship to them, the geometric shape of hexagon, to abstract work using the beeswax that is directly produced by the bees.

Gallery reception September 1, 2017 (6pm-10pm)

1st Prize Best in Show - $100
Runner Up- $50
Cash Prizes provided by First Fridays Ypsilanti

Elize Jekabson- Program Director of First Fridays Ypsilanti, Co-founder of Festival of the Honeybee, Founder of Forage- FOTHB art exhibition, Co-Founder of Ypsi Alloy Studios, and EMU BFA in Sculpture, and an Ypsi Beekeeper.
Jessica Tenbush- Co-Founder and professional metalsmith/sculptor at Ypsi Alloy Studios, EMU MFA in Metalsmithing
Maggie Spencer- Co-director of 22 North Gallery

A guest Juror will choose best in Show and runner up.

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