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Art of the Bluegrass

This is art from, and about, the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. But do not expect horses and bourbon here.
The artists in this exhibition-- Becky Alley, Elizabeth Foley, Rich Greissman, Todd Herzberg, Lori-Lyn Hurley, Anne Kindl, Stephen Wiggins, and Nathan Zamarron--have in common that they live and work in Lexington and that I love them and their work. I met them all in the course of my own current occupation as a virtuous bureaucrat at the regional arts council. Most likely, they all know one another; in some cases, pretty well.

Though all these artists live in this place (another university city), the range of media, aesthetic concerns and subjects in this group show are as varied as one might find anywhere. Anywhere, that is, where the arts ecosystem supports work that is not merely pretty and admits ideas about identity, spirituality, nature, change, the wider world.

Certainly, the gorgeous landscape of the Bluegrass inspires several of my friends. Only one is a native Lexingtonian. Four of them have Michigan connections. But at some point, they all got off at Exit 115 and decided to stay. They brought who they were to this remarkable town nestled in this amazing countryside and made beautiful and challenging art. I am proud to know them all and very happy to share their work here.

Nan Plummer