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Echoes: Ypsi Alloy Studios Debut Exhibition

Artists who work closely together feed off of each other creatively, often unconsciously. Close exposure to other artists fosters broader thinking reflected in their artwork. Despite our range of disciplines, common threads among all of our works can be found. Echoes of each other’s thoughts, materials, techniques, and visual language are heard and reshaped into our own work. There is no such thing as an original in any creative work or action. Instead, what is created is an amalgam of all the voices we hear throughout our creative practice.

Echoes features the 13 artists who call Ypsi Alloy Studios home. We house jewelers, metalsmiths, sculptors, woodworkers, painters, fibers and 2D artists. Many of them wear multiple hats. We are Riva Jewell-Vitale, Lorraine Kolasa, Jessica Tenbusch, Kenzie Lynn, Meagan Shein, Ilana Houten, Elize Jekabson, Rob Todd, Alexa Borromeo, Aaron P. Decker, Lauren Mleczko, Molly Doak and Cathy Jacobs.